Project Management for Energy S.r.l.

Project Management for Energy S.r.l.

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1) Engineering, Technical and Operational Services in Power Generation


From the beginning the Company draws on the experience of its partner and senior specialists with more than 15 years of experience in the Power Generation sector. The company has the capability to provide the right support to each customer as and when needed.


The Company has the capability to develop new Business Opportunities and follow-up till the Operation


The Company develops studies as well as researches and business models tailored on solutions that create, design, review equipment, machinery and systems that have to be modified or installed in a power plant or inside an industrial park.

The corporate purpose includes Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management Services as well as Owner Engineering Services.

We combine a strong technical and commercial knowledge base with a flexible structure.


2) IT, IoT and AI


The company is investing in products and services that have high technological value based upon innovative technologies in different sectors (energy, industry, civil and logistic).


3) Use more consume less


The Company is willing to provide services and support as Energy Service Company performing energy diagnoses, feasibility studies, design and then management of the intervention/modification done to reduce the energy consumption allowing an efficient use of the energy.


4) Transport dangerous goods correctly and reliably (ADR, IMDG, IATA)


The Company provide consultancy and training services for the transportation of Hazardous Goods and Waste.


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Andrea Parisotto

+39 335 1337 662


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